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Tech Talent South Dallas

Our Texas hotspot has enough boots, BBQ, and big hair to go around. Where everything is bigger and refuses to be messed with. Austin - you better watch out for this up and coming tech & startup scene. While Tech Talent South’s furthest west location is known for its all around grandiosity, its amazing tech and entrepreneur scene can NOT be understated. As the country's fourth-largest employment center and third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, Dallas is home to tech giants like Texas Instruments, Intuit, and NetApp. Startups like TangoTab, Vidpow, and Glass-Media are also hitting the scene and pushing forward the entrepreneurial spirit.

TTS in Dallas

The DEC in the West End Historic District of downtown Dallas is home to Tech Talent South Dallas’ coding course. Our Dallas location is right in the middle of all things tech and in easy access to the heart of the city. Our TTS Dallas Community can be found at events like Dallas Startup Week, Dallas New Tech, and our own BBQ, Beer, & Bootstrap. Ready to do something <BIGGER>? Then why not do take the coding bull by the horns in Dallas?

Upcoming Courses

Start DateCourseLocation 
10/30/17 (Part-Time)Code Immersionthe DECApply Now
10/30/17 (Full-Time)Code Immersionthe DECApply Now
07/31/17DevOps and Continuous IntegrationThe DECapply now
07/25/17JavaScript Application Developmentthe DECapply now
10/31/17JavaScript Application Developmentthe DECapply now

* = An asterisk denotes that marked course is held from 1pm-4pm with Office Hours following.

Courses in Dallas

Code Immersion

Get equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Interested in learning to program or build your own web application? This 8-week immersive program will jump start your journey into the tech scene.

JavaScript Application Development

Be the coolest kid on the code block and learn the latest skills in JavaScript appliction development with React, ES6, and Firebase!

See what some of our students have to say!

They have built a community that is looking to support their students while they achieve their goals centered around coding.

Christy Torres

I feel much more comfortable now stepping out of my comfort zone and ripping into a new framework, API, or programming language and seeing how I can use it for any number of projects. The more structured class environment was exactly what I needed. I was hesitant on joining yet another programming course, but Tech Talent South has helped us make sure we are getting the most value from the course.

Jeremy Lindstrom

I’m having fun meeting new people and networking with Dallas startups. The people I met have been encouraging and I am motivated to continue down this road. I’m excited to see where this leads!

Guillermo Salazar

Send us a message to request a meeting with a grad from Dallas!

Where Are We?

Find out exactly where you'll learn to code.

The DEC (Dallas Entrepreneur Center)

No better place to learn to code than at ​The DEC. In the heart of downtown Dallas, this community of innovators and coworking space is truly an ideal location jumpstarting your tech and/or entrepreneu​rial career. In addition to an inspiring and innovative environment, ​The DEC offers many ways to get plugged into the community and comes complete with mentors and amazing membership perks!

The DEC (Dallas Entrepreneur Center)
311 North Market St.
Floor 2
Dallas, TX 75202