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Charlotte, NC - where the beer is better and NASCAR references are in no short supply. Uptown may be Downtown, but why would you want it any other way? As the second largest city in the southeast, it’s no wonder booming business professionals and creatives alike are flocking to this melting pot of a city. Charlotte is home to endless opportunities from industry leaders like Bank of America, Lowe’s and Duke Energy, to tech movers and shakers like Skookum, DealCloud and Red Ventures. Charlotte is one of the best places to start doing something <BIG>!

TTS in Charlotte

Tech Talent South Charlotte is one of our largest and fast growing locations. We’re super proud of our amazing Charlotte alumni running startups like Phyrefly and Giusto. The TTS community can be found at Code for Charlotte, Ruby Hack Night, and Pitch Breakfasts. Our Charlotte coding courses are held uptown at Industry Coworking, a hotspot for entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re in the perfect location to catalyze your journey into the tech and startup industries and access all the Charlotte has to offer. Let TTS Charlotte be the launching point!

Upcoming Courses

Start DateCourseLocation 
06/19/17 (Full-Time)Code ImmersionAdventApply Now
06/19/17 (Part-Time)Code ImmersionAdventApply Now
09/11/17 (Full-Time)Code ImmersionAdventApply Now
09/11/17 (Part-Time)Code ImmersionAdventApply Now
10/30/17 (Full-Time 6.5 Weeks)Code ImmersionAdventApply Now
11/06/17Startup PrimerAdventapply now
08/14/17UX Design for BeginnersAdventapply now
11/28/17Machine Learning for BusinessAdventapply now
10/24/17Next Level RailsAdventapply now
07/11/17Intro to Web Design and CreationAdventapply now
01/18/18Big Data AnalyticsAdventapply now
11/06/17iOS DevelopmentAdventapply now
08/15/17JavaScript Application DevelopmentAdventapply now
01/01/18Intro to Internet of ThingsAdventapply now
07/22/17Google Analytics WorkshopAdventapply now
01/01/18Design Your Dream Job - And Go Get It!Adventapply for info
01/18/18Grow Your BrandAdventapply now
01/01/18Creating Design With CodeAdventsign up
07/11/17Free Kids CodeAdventenrolling soon

* = An asterisk denotes that marked course is held from 1pm-4pm with Office Hours following.

Courses in Charlotte

Code Immersion

Get equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Interested in learning to program or build your own web application? This 8-week immersive program will jump start your journey into the tech scene.

DevOps and Continuous Integration

Ready to learn an integral piece to any modern software development team? Welcome to DevOps and Continuous Integration: The course that helps clarify the blurred lines of devolopment, operations, and quality assurance.

UX Design for Beginners

Think you're creative, but not enough to be a Designer? Think design is only about how something looks? Well maybe it's time you think differently!

Google Analytics Workshop

Learn how to unlock the full potential of Google Analytics in this two-day workshop. From installation to reporting, we’ll arm you with the tips and tricks you need to be an analytical wizard.

Startup Primer

Ready to build your own MVP (minimum viable product) and learn how to launch your own startup? Give us 8 weeks and we’ll take you through the full startup framework. CAUTION: Bootcamp intensity level = high.

JavaScript Application Development

Be the coolest kid on the code block and learn the latest skills in JavaScript appliction development with React, ES6, and Firebase!

iOS Development

Grab your iPhone and boot up your Mac, 'cause we're building Apps! Hop on the Apple train and get armed with the resources you need for iOS Mobile Development.

Intro to Internet of Things

Are you the kind of person that wants to connect your microwave to your Google Analytics account? You'll fit right in here!

Intro to Web Design and Creation

Spruce up your portfolio, design your next website, or polish your brand. Get armed with the tools needed for front-end web development.

Big Data Analytics

Step 1. Collect data. Step 2. Collect lots and lots of data. Step 3. Learn the basics of Big Data analysis with this 8-week program and sift through that data to highlight hidden trends.

Next Level Rails

Designed with Jr. Devs and Code Immersion graduates in mind, up your Rails skills with this 4-week advanced program.

Free Kids Code

Have a kiddo that’s into all things tech? Kids Code is the perfect opportunity for your child to dive in with the basics. They’ll cover HTML, CSS, Ruby and more!

See what some of our students have to say!

Unlike my experience with online courses where it’s easy to fall behind quickly, TTS offers a tech support group. At first, the teachers support you. With time, the other students support you. By the end, you are supporting others. For me, this separated TTS from the others.

Randall Mardus

My favorite metaphor for the bootcamp experience is drinking from a water hose. It’s very uncomfortable for a short time, but you get so much information that when you’re done you start learning what you, yourself, are interested in and what you’re passionate about doing. There’s no other experience where you can get such a broad scope of information, and get help every step of the way from the people you’re with.

Marisa Aikers

One of the things I appreciated the most was the effort that the staff makes to not only assist the student on their road to becoming developers but also the great effort that is made to connect you with the Charlotte tech community.

Melvin Nix

Send us a message to request a meeting with a grad from Charlotte!

Where Are We?

Find out exactly where you'll learn to code.

Industry Coworking

Tech Talent South’s Charlotte Coding Courses are held at the hip and innovative Industry located in the NC Music Factory. This Uptown location is accessible from all over Charlotte, making this hub for networking events, meetups and entrepreneurship the ultimate location to learn to code in Charlotte. Besides being a beautiful workspace, Industry is a truly fun and at the same time productive environment. With ping pong tables and ample meeting space, why not start your journey to do something <BIG> with TTS at Industry.

Industry Coworking
1000 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28206

Meet The Team

Charlotte Community Organizers and Instructors

Sarah Hudson

Intro to Web Design and Creation

Jim Van Fleet

The Graduate Program

Scott Lundgren

Big Data Analytics

Tim Cheadle

Next Level Rails

Paula Paul

Code Immersion

Shane Barringer

Code Immersion

Zach Cardais

Google Analytics Workshop

Mariel Van Norman

Code Immersion

Tracey King

Code Immersion

Izzie Sullivan

Code Immersion

Lee McCormick

Code Immersion

Kailey Izard

Intro to Website Design and Creation