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Asheville radiates good vibes for students, instructors, and alumni, as well as all the beer and outdoor activities you could dream of. Asheville may be home to one of the best craft beer scenes in the country, but its growing tech and self-starter scene is definitely worth boasting. From Pitch for Pitchers, 1 Million Cups, andMeet the Geeks, to awesome companies like RISC Networks and Wide Open Tech, Asheville is blossoming with tech fun and opportunities. Why not learn to code while still having time for a hike through the mountains followed up by kicking back at Wicked Weed for a few brews?

TTS in Asheville

Tech Talent South’s coding course in Asheville is held at Base Camp AVL, an innovative coworking spot dedicated to social and cultural change. Located just south of downtown AVL, this location is easily accessible to the exciting Asheville tech scene. TTS Asheville boasts awesome alumni including startups like BeesWax Websites. Additionally the community of alumni, instructors and mentors is available to help foster relationships and continual growth for our students.

Upcoming Courses

Start DateCourseLocation 
07/10/17 (Full-Time)Code ImmersionBase Camp AVLApply Now
07/10/17 (Part-Time)Code ImmersionBase Camp AVLApply Now
10/23/17 (Full-Time)Code ImmersionBase Camp AVLApply Now
10/23/17 (Part-Time)Code ImmersionBase Camp AVLApply Now
08/29/17Intro to Web Design and CreationBase Camp AVLapply now
10/24/17JavaScript Application DevelopmentBase Camp AVLapply now
Coming Soon!Intro to Programming for Business PeopleBase Camp AVLapply now
Coming Soon!Free Kids CodeBase Camp AVLsign up

* = An asterisk denotes that marked course is held from 1pm-4pm with Office Hours following.

Courses in Asheville

Code Immersion

Get equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Interested in learning to program or build your own web application? This 8-week immersive program will jump start your journey into the tech scene.

Pop Up Code Program

Get your feet wet and test out the world of coding in our 2-day web development pop up camps.

Intro to Web Design and Creation

Spruce up your portfolio, design your next website, or polish your brand. Get armed with the tools needed for front-end web development.

Intro to Programming for Business People

Does programming terminology sound like a foreign language? It’s time to relate to your developers & project managers in the office. Let’s get you talking the talk with this 3-night program.

Grow Your Brand

Grab a hold of your brand’s digital image with insight into mastering your business vertical, digital marketing workflow, and inbound marketing plan.

Free Kids Code

Have a kiddo that’s into all things tech? Kids Code is the perfect opportunity for your child to dive in with the basics. They’ll cover HTML, CSS, Ruby and more!

See what some of our students have to say!

TTS has given me an awesome community of supportive peers and mentors and a challenging, engaging coding curriculum that allows me to explore the areas of web development that most interest me.

Alison Lutz

Well, coding allows room for interpretation. There are many moments in the TTS Code Immersion Program when two students come up with different solutions to solve the same problem. The solution comes down to personal preference, individual style. Coding is as expressive as it is logical or analytical.

Briar DeHaven

I had 2 goals going into TTS: 1) get enough basic knowledge of the software development process to speak credibly about my business to my employees, and 2) make lasting connections in the local business community—this being especially important as I’m a new transplant to Asheville. I feel that I’ve accomplished both of these goals through TTS, and my money was well spent on the program.

Annika Schauer

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Where Are We?

Find out exactly where you'll learn to code.

Base Camp AVL

Tech Talent South Asheville’s coding bootcamps are held at Base Camp AVL, a hip co-working spot dedicated to building an ecosystem of resources, inspiration, collaboriation, and innovation in the realm of cultural and social impact. Just south of downtown Asheville, this multi-story co-working venue is surrounded by some of the best breweries in the city/state/country. Coincidence? Not in the slightest. This location is ideal for building something <BIG> and has all the innovation juice (beer) you need to get started.

Base Camp AVL
56 Ravenscroft Dr.
Asheville, NC 28806

Meet The Team

Asheville Community Organizers and Instructors

Kaity Hallman

Code Immersion

Louis Medina

Code Immersion

Nathan Batson

Code Immersion